June 2016 in Marrakech

Summertime weather and enjoying this June in Marrakech.

With average day length of 14 hours, only 4.5 mm of rainfall (typically falling over just 2 days) and temperatures daily range of 15˚c from night time 17˚c to daily highs around 32˚c, the month of June is very sunny in Marrakech.

June 6 – July 5, 2016

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month marked by daily fasting (no food and no water) from dawn to sunset, increased religious observance and self-reflection.

For 30 days, followers of Islam pray and refrain from smoking, bad behavior — including cursing, gossiping or fighting — and impure thoughts.

Ramadan ends with Eid el-Fitr, the feast of fast-breaking. It’s a three-day holiday that includes special prayers and meals.

Things to do in JuneKatoubia 350

Walking around Marrakech is one of the best means of exploring the city’s many delights (horse-drawn carriage rides being another). And easy as it is to get lost in the Medina, temporary loss of one’s bearings actually adds to the excitement of the sensory overload that characterises the bustling souks.

Take time to look at the quirky details of many building facades; notice how no two windows or doors are exactly the same; note how the low, covered walkways and door frames seem to have been designed for a shorter generation. These are just some of the features that make walking through Marrakech a fascinating experience.

Top City Walks

Here are five of the most popular walks, each taking in different aspects of the city in both the ancient medina and its modern counterpart.

• Rue Semmarine – one of the Medina’s main arteries, this one embodies the essence of the souks’ frenetic energy. Here, bazaar booths packed with every imaginable (and some unimaginable) objects strike you from every angle.Sidi Abdel 350

• Rue Dar el Bacha – teeming with character and history, Rue Dar el Bacha offers everything from chic antique, fashion and jewellery shops to charming windows into the city’s past. After passing Dar el Bacha Palace, you will also have the opportunity to peer into old style inns (caravanserais) and their delightful courtyards.

• Avenue Mohammed V – stretching all the way from the ancient Koutoubia mosque into the modern commercial quarter of the city, Avenue Mohammed V is a wide boulevard housing many of the best shops and restaurants as well as banks and offices. Cyber Park, an 18th century garden embracing 21st century technology (and with free WiFi) is also located along this wonderful avenue.

• Rue de la Kasbah – running from the Saadian Tombs to the Royal Palace, this busy thoroughfare, in the extreme south of the city, runs right through the bustling Kasbah with its street food vendors, souvenir emporia and corner shops.

• Avenue Bab Jdid – starting at the Menara Gardens and passing extensive olive and orange groves, the Avenue Bab Jdid allows one to take a stroll on the ‘greener side’ of Marrakech en route to the celebrated Mamounia, one of the world’s great hotels, a favourite of Winston Churchill.

Top City Walks
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